Master Class

“Imagine being a part of a group where you have the opportunity to make your art/life dreams come true. Would it be possible to receive encouragement, support, camaraderie and the challenges you need; to take the risks that you’re used to avoiding (fearing that if you stepped into the unknown, you would perish)? What if instead, you took that step, joined a group and thrived?There is such a group—Lisa Call’s Master Class. After several years of window shopping Lisa’s class, I walked through the door and didn’t look back. What I discovered was an extremely well constructed workshop that allowed me to thoughtfully and incrementally move forward and put my dreams into action.

Comprised of individual coaching calls (the best!), live group calls, a private fb page, monthly challenges and access to an incredible library of art resources, Lisa begins the Master Class by asking questions that make you dig deep in order to come up with a set of values and a clear picture of who you are and where you want to go.

With these values in place, weekly, monthly and yearly goals become the trail markers for your path. And what a path! In the year that I’ve participated, I retired from a secure job to realize my dream of being a full time artist. (Financial planning: crucial) I took part in three invitational group shows, organized and opened up my studio for a city wide artist studio tour, and partnered with another artist to craft a two city Holiday Open Studio Celebration. That’s the outer manifestation. Best of all, I’ve learned to believe in myself, my intuition and my art work. I can’t wait to see how the next year in Master Class unfolds!

~Hannah Klaus Hunter, California



The 2016 master class is sold out. Enrollment for 2017 will begin in December.What is Possible? Let’s Make it Happen!
You work independently in your studio but you aren’t always sure which direction to take next. You have some questions…

Should you exhibit? Should you sell? Should you teach? Should you focus on your studio? AND how do you DO those things?

You’ve met the face of resistance – “are you good enough” “is your work good enough” “do you have time?”. You are looking for tools move past the negative voices.

Are You Ready to….

  • Explore your dreams for your art career?
  • Settle on direction that resonates deeply?
  • Gain clarity on all aspects of your ideal life?
  • Create a sustainable plan of action to move you towards your dream?
  • Identify limiting beliefs and moving beyond them? Not just with art but in all areas of your life?
  • Turn down the voice of the inner critic and turn up your supportive voices?

Then the master class is for you.


  • personal coaching
  • consulting calls
  • monthly challenges
  • ongoing group support
  • customized goal setting and accountability structures to fit your personalized needs

you won’t just think and dream about what you want – you will start making it happen.


Is it YOUR time for transformation?



Class Structure:

  • Monthly coaching call with Lisa – a certified coactive coach.
  • Customized goal setting structure to meet your specific needs
  • Weekly accountability checkins to keep you on track.
  • Monthly art biz challenges – get specific concrete feedback on your art biz through our monthly challenges. Want to start a newsletter – nothing like a group challenge to get it done!
  • Monthly group consulting call – ask Lisa questions on any topics you’d like – from artbiz to mindsets.
  • Ongoing online discussion with myself and fellow classmates on our private facebook group.
  • Access to the class website with access to articles on a variety of business topics. Including access to my goal setting and systems workshops.
  • Monthly online art exhibits – because deadlines to produce art are a great motivator.

Course Description

The benefit of participating in this type of workshop is to bring awareness to your goals and your progress and to get the support and accountability needed to make huge leaps forward in your art career.

Previous students have made incredible strides in the art and in their art business when enrolled in this workshop. From booking 3 solo shows in a single year to gaining a new level of confidence in their work.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish with the right support.

This long term workshop (a 1 year commitment) is for students that don’t need assistance in the creation of their artwork but are looking for a structured environment in which to flourish.

Through monthly co-active coaching calls you will gain clarity on your direction.

You will set goals for your life, your studio and your art career in a personalized format that supports your way of working. I’ll provide customized support and feedback to help keep you on track.

We’ll have an ongoing discussion on a variety of artist centric topics on both a private facebook group and in a monthly live group phone call. Topics will range from mindsets to artbiz to the state of the art world.

This class is appropriate to be taken by all visual artists working as the concepts we are covering apply to all medium, not just textile art.

If you are ready for a giant leap forward in your art making – the master class commitment is for you.

My Intention and Qualifications.

As with all of my workshops, my biggest intention is to provide my students the confidence and tools so they can move their art forward by leaps and bounds.

Experience Level: Suitable for artists at all levels. My working is a series workshop (or equivalent experience) is a prerequisite.


“If you want your art career to take off, participation in the Masterclass is like you being a pilot of your life with air traffic control and a supportive cabin crew working alongside you.

If you are at the very beginning of your art journey, maybe not even sure where you are heading, Lisa as coach will help you prepare your flight plan, set your goals, find your guiding core values. Each coaching call helps you take the next step from ‘ chocks away’ to the gentle taxi to the runway and the gathering of speed as you open up the throttle. You put in all the work, but Lisa acts like a traffic controller helping you find a clear route and allowing you to see and avoid obstacles. Then you remain accountable to her checking in as you need to keep you on course.

The individual calls to Lisa in ‘the tower’ are personal and tailored to the destination you set for yourself. The class calls and material are like generalised information for all artist-pilots equipping you to fly high and safely. And you are not flying solo but are supported by a close community of others all working in their own way to take off in their own art careers. There is daily support, sharing and socialising via the Facebook group. For classmates who left after the first year that has continued on a more occasional level on an alumnus group. When you reach your first destination the process can be repeated, stopping you crash landing but rather guiding you to refuel and regathering and take off again for even more exotic climes.

In the two years I have been in the Masterclass I have been supported and equipped to go from wanting to be an artist to being taken on by a gallery for my first solo show. I have learned about the business of being a professional artist and I have been aided to overcome significant obstacles. I cannot now countenance being without a coach and my classmates. “

~Helen Conway, UK

“Master Class by Lisa Call is not a class. Lisa does not teach you anything at all. Lisa does walk beside you and help you learn what you really want and then guides you to how to get what you want. She listens better than a psychologist: she is on your side and she gives you resources when she notices something you need. She does not cure you or need to get to the root of anything, but she will tell you what you need to hear. She holds you to what you said you wanted and cheers you on when you reach what you wanted. Lisa does this accountability part through weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals that you make and post and/or send to her.

Lisa has one on one calls through the Master Class. These calls are my lifeline through 2015. They are not easy when you think about accountability, but then Lisa disarms with a joke or witty remark and away the call goes. I usually think about the calls for weeks…writing, note taking, etc. We even had a breakthrough AHA! moment during one of the calls months ago that is still influencing me now!

I am joining Master Class 2016. It has become my safe place to ask questions, share resources, share goals, triumphs and failures as an artist. It makes me stretch. It makes me figure out how to get what I want as an artist and get out of my own way. I know I can reach my goals with the support from Lisa and the group she curates. The price tag may seem expensive, but the results I am harvesting every day, week, month, and now year are priceless.

~Angie Martinez, Florida


You must…

  • …have all materials, supplies and tools you will need to create the artwork in your chosen style and medium.
  • …have the knowledge and skill to create artwork in your chosen medium.
  • …be willing to work hard and focus.
  • …leave all self deprecating thoughts at the door and be ready to think big about your art
  • …be willing to be coached. This includes bringing a coaching topic to each of our calls.
  • …be ready to reflect upon your experience so you can grow
  • …and, of course, have fun. Laughter is encouraged.

Prerequisites – Computer Skills

  • You must have a facebook profile to participate in this workshop.
  • To particpate in the monthly challenge you will edit a word doc, convert it to a PDF and upload it to facebook. I provide a tutorial on how to do this.
  • Additional computer skills will depend on the goals you set for yourself.

Prerequisites – Previous Course Work

If you have not previously been a student in my master class or completed Working in a Series, please email me so we can discuss if this class is appropriate for you.

Not Sure If You Belong in the Master Class?

Please Don’t Signup for This Workshop If…

Love the idea of the master class but looking to take a solo flight vs joining the group? Please check out my individual coaching plans – where we can do all of this – but on an individual basis.

  • …You aren’t interested in identifying your values and aligning your career to your values.
  • …You aren’t interested in setting goals.
  • …You don’t want to be held accountable to do what you said you were going to do.
  • …You don’t want to learn more about yourself and your art making. Coaching encourages introspection and reflection.
  • …You don’t want support from an amazing group of artists.
  • …You aren’t interested in setting goals.
  • …You are happy with your status quo. This is a workshop for those that are ready to dig in and move forward in a big way with their art. Transformation here we come!

Maybe another class is a better fit. See all of my online workshops here.


When I signed up for Lisa’s Master Class, I knew that I was going to receive a very high level of support and encouragement from Lisa to continue on the path I started in her Working In A Series and Advancing the Series classes.

What I didn’t anticipate was how much I would learn about myself while elevating my art practice from working as a hobbyist to working as a professional artist. Since starting the Master Class, I’ve joined a multi artist studio and gallery, had two pieces of art juried into international shows and one piece selected for a local show. I’ve developed new ways to present my work to up the quality of the presentation. I’ve been invited to participate in a four person show in 2017.

My experience in the Master class has been life changing as I’ve learned to have faith in myself as an artist, as well as coming up to speed on everything from writing blog posts to setting up a store on my website. Lisa encouraged and invited me to look objectively at my perspective, and to shift my paradigm from feeling like a fake, to actually feeling like a real artist. If you are interested in doing the work to up the ante, this is most definitely the place to be.

Learning techniques in your chosen medium is one thing, but learning and choosing to bring your art to the world as a professional is a whole other realm that Lisa can definitely work with you to achieve.
~Mardell Rampton, Canada

Current Schedule

The 2016 master class will begin on March 1, 2016.

Group phone calls will be held once a month during the day on weekdays and will be recorded for those that are unable to attend the calls live.

You will schedule your own Individual coaching calls at times that are convenient for you each month.


The 2016 Master Class is sold out


Prepay for the full year: $2970

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Payment Plan: 12 payments at $250 per month

To enroll and reserve your spot you make an initial payment of $250 here: (see details on payment plan below):

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Notes on payment plan:

  • To reserve your spot in the master class you must make the down payment.
  • Monthly payments will run March, 2016 through January 2017. The down payment will be used as your final class payment.
  • You will need to enroll in the payment plan at the beginning of March – I’ll send you an email with how to sign up through paypal.
  • You must have a paypal account to enroll in the monthly payment options