Time Management: The Artist and the Internet

Create Denver Workshop

Yesterday I gave a workshop/talk at the Create Denver Expo on Time Management and the Internet. A black sink hole of time for many of us.

Much of the talk centered around goals and systems as a way to structure our time on the internet. The rest of the talk was tips and tools to help.

I’ve uploaded the power point from my talk as a pdf and you can down load it here: Time Management: The Artist and the Internet

Wrap Up

As these are just the slides and not the rest of the content, which I delivered verbally, those that weren’t in attendance will miss some of the information.

I’m working out plans on how to deliver the entire content to those on the internet, in a fun way, so stay tuned for more details.

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10 thoughts on “Time Management: The Artist and the Internet

    1. Lisa Call

      Thanks Alyson – glad to provide you with some todos :) And thanks for sharing the link to my slides on twitter.

  1. Tina Mammoser

    Thanks Lisa. Since I couldn’t make it to CO I can pretend I was there. :)

    And this is the second blog today reminding me of precisely what element of management I’m missing. And that my experiment with online calendar/planners is NOT working. Goodbye iCal.

    1. Lisa Call

      Tina – I tried to use an online calendar for a while, didn’t work for me. I’m a big fan of paper. I’m probably the few people that still carry around a little paper day timer to schedule my time.

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  3. Suzan

    You are amazing. I cannot believe how much you share. The PowerPoint was just what I needed right now. i have and continue to learn so much from you.

  4. Lynn Bridge

    Thank you for providing your presentation material. After reading Alyson Stanfield’s material, among others, I have been baffled about how in the world I can stay current on website, blog, twitter, facebook, flickr, professional organizations, local organizations, other people’s blogs, facebook, websites, flickr sites, AND STILL GET ANY ART MADE, let alone ‘have a life’. Thanks to people like you, I am slowly sorting it out.

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