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Creating Artistic Masterpieces

Creating a Masterpiece

Mark McGuinness wrote a guest article on copyblogger recently titled The 7 Essential Steps to Creating Your Content Masterpiece.

It is a fabulous article.

So much of what he said was directly relevant to visual artists in addition to writers/bloggers.

His 7 steps:

1. Aim high
2. Get into productive habits
3. Create content strategically
4. Write material that’s strong enough to endure
5. Rework your themes
6. Riff on other people’s themes
7. Repurpose your blog content

I strongly recommend reading the entire article as it is chocked full of excellent material.

Make a Lot of Art

The point that struck a cord with me, and is something I’ve been saying for years, is related to productivity.

From his article:

In Creativity: Beyond the Myth of Genius, Robert Weisberg discusses statistical research into the proportion of masterpieces to minor works among great and not-so-great composers.

The researchers concluded that the rate of hits to misses was pretty constant between major and minor composers. The truly great composers produce more masterpieces than the others, mainly because they produced more work overall.

What distinguished them was not effortless genius or leisurely perfectionism, but relentless productivity.

This is the same idea behind the quality vs. quantity story in a ceramics class from the book Art and Fear.

A teacher divides a class into 2 groups and tells one group to make a large quantity of pots and the other to focus on quality and to make only their very best pots.

Turns out that over time, the best quality came from the first group, those making a large quantity of work.

Wrap Up

Want to make masterpieces? How much artwork are you producing?

Think big and get to your studio and make something. And do it often.

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