Make Big Plans

Big Plans

Seth Godin has an excellent post on his blog today that I want to quickly share. It is so simple and yet so true.

Make Big Plans …that’s the best way to make big things happen.

Is there any doubt that making big plans increases the chances that something great will happen?

Read the entire (very short) article here.

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Wrap Up

Have you written down your big plans for your art? Your art career? Your life?

If not – why not?

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Thinking Big about Art

3 thoughts on “Make Big Plans

  1. Barbara J Carter

    I’m constantly thinking about and writing down big ideas for my art: plans, goals, hopes, aspirations. But even as I’m working toward these plans, I also want to be open to unexpected opportunities. What comes along might not be exactly what I planned. It might be much better!

  2. Eric D. Greene

    He’s so right! Make your plans big, and write them down! It’s just one small component towards getting there.. of course you have to make it happen, but you have to start somewhere and why not start big, right? :D

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