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Facebook Fan Page – Practical Tips

Note: The screen captures in this post were taken on June 28, 2009. Functionality could change in the future and things will look and behave differently. Facebook Fan Pages In the previous post, Do I Need a Facebook Fan Page, we look at some reasons why you might want to have a fan page. Another […]

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Do I need a Facebook Fan Page?

Lisa Call – Textile Art – My Fan Page on Facebook What is a Facebook Profile? Before you can decide if you need a fan page let’s go over some basics of facebook profiles and fan pages. When you first sign up on facebook you create a user profile. User profiles are for individuals only […]

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In the Beginning

Welcome to the Make Big Art Blog! Here you’ll find articles about the 4 M’s that help us be big and bold in with our art and art careers: Mindsets Marketing Management Motivation Look for tips and tutorials on the tools and technology to help you move forward. There will be encouragement and inspiration that […]

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